Biography of Dr. Annie Wong Leung Kit-Wah

Dr. Annie Wong Leung Kit-Wah was born in Hong Kong. She is a native of the Shunde District, Guangdong Province, China.

In recent years, Dr. Wong has dedicated herself to the enrichment of Chinese culture, art and education in Hong Kong; various cities in China; Chicago, New York and San Francisco in the United States; Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy in Europe; Australia and Canada.

She is an accomplished painter and her painting style is a combination of the western and eastern techniques. Dr. Wong’s first teacher in Chinese-style painting was Professor Bao Shao-you. From him, she learned the detailed style of painting birds and flowers. From Professor Zhao Shao-ang, she learned the expressionistic style of using colours. From various masters, she absorbed their best. Her western painting training was from Prof. Xu Dong-bai and Prof. Ng Po-wan. Italian-trained painter, Leon Ko, taught her sketching, figure painting and colouring techniques. She learned Chinese Calligraphy from Prof. Wang Zhibo and Prof. Lee Yun-woon.

From September 1997 to July 1998, Dr. Wong was invited to have various solo exhibitions in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shunde, Hong Kong, Dalian and Beijing. The exhibitions were well-received and she had many acclaims. After the tour in China, Dr. Wong was invited to show her paintings in the Frauen Museum, Bonn, Germany in September of  1999, in the Aizu Museum, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan in December of 1999 and in the Joseph Carrier Gallery, Toronto,Canada in September of 2001.  These exhibitions were lauded by the local

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